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Orders over $99 Ship Free + Free In-Store Pickup
Valentine's Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Guy

Valentine's Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Guy

  1. Silicone wedding band from Groove - Put a ring on it! Get your outdoorsy partner a ring they don’t have to worry about bumping and scratching. The Nomad ring has a wood burl pattern that looks quite handsome.
  2. Headlamp from Black Diamond - Every camper needs some hands-free lighting to find their way around in the dark. The Spot from BD is lightweight and very bright.
  3. GPS smartwatch from Garmin - Wrist check! The Instinct is a durable, valuable, low price point timepiece that can help you track your day on and off the mountain.
  4. Insulated mug from Hydroflask - The double-wall vacuum-sealed mugs from Hydroflask will keep your beverages hot or cold for hours. 16 oz with a sip lid should be enough.
  5. Zip neck pullover from Arc’teryx - A warm-hearted gift. Every sharp-dressed man needs a nice mid-layer to round out their outfit. Try out the Delta LT zip-neck.
  6. Sunglasses from Smith Optics - Protect those beautiful peepers without sacrificing visual clarity or color loss with something from Smith Optics.
  7. Puffy vest from Patagonia - Fine clothes for a fine man. The Nano Puff Vest still has the wind-proofing and warmth of the full jacket but allows for better temperature regulation with the sleeveless design.
  8. Breathable pullover from Patagonia - The R1 is a staple among technical trail wear, super-breathable, and traps body heat in lightweight insulation.  It looks pretty slick too. 
  9. Hats from the Native Summit - Rep the brand for us. A lot of our customers say our store is one of their favorites. Check out our hats for some stylish, local headwear.
  10. EDC wallet from The Ridge - Slim, sleek, and stylish. The Ridge wallet helps wallet carriers cut down on pocket space with a thin card holder and money clip.
  11. Waistbag from Mystery Ranch - Get a hip gift. Mystery Ranch makes a few hip bags, but the Full Moon is right in the middle of the size range. Perfect for days out when you need to carry a little extra over the shoulder or around the waist.
  12. Hiking socks from Smartwool - This one is a bullseye. The targeted cushioning (PhD) or full cushion in Smartwool’s outdoor socks makes hiking a breeze. Who doesn't love Merino wool socks?
  13. Boxer briefs from Patagonia - Oh, don’t make us say it. Pick up some ultra-comfortable intimates for your man this Valentine’s Day. According to the name, these boxer briefs are essential.
  14. Hoodie from Native Summit - Gear, gear, and more gear! You might say these hoodies are our favorite hoodies. Lightweight and soft for year-round layering. And you can borrow it when he’s not wearing it. They’re a unisex fit.
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