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Orders over $99 Ship Free + Free In-Store Pickup

Trek and Travel Liquid Body Wash


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*Image shown is the 3.0oz size - slightly smaller than the 3.3oz size



Camping, travel, hiking, backpacking



SIZE: 3.3 fl oz | 100 ml

The Trek and Travel Liquid Soaps are TSA approved as carry-on compliant and are perfect wherever your adventures take you. They fit easily into your travel bag or expedition backpack and can spruce up everything from hair, to body, to clothes. The leak-proof bottle is secure and easy to travel with, and the contents are easy on the environment when used in accordance with Leave No Trace principles.


  • Biodegradable, super-concentrated formula
  • pH neutral
  • TSA approved as carry-on compliant
  • Light Green Tea fragrance
  • Tough bottle with a tight sealing lid so it's safe in your luggage or pack
  • Will not harm the environment when used in accordance with Leave No Trace principles
  • Comes in five types: Hand Cleaning Gel, Body Wash, Conditioning Shampoo, Laundry Wash and Shaving Cream


Be used in lakes and streams?

No. Biodegradable means that the product will break down due to biological action and UV, but it will harm aquatic life if used directly in streams, ponds and lakes. Practice Leave No Trace and wash / dispose of waste water 200ft / 70m from any water source.

How long will a bottle last?

Use a small squeeze (10ml or so) per wash, and a bottle will last 10 days or so.

How much Laundry Wash would I need for machine washing?

Simple question, complex answer. Top loader machines the equivalent of 25 sinks full of water. Laundromat machines may have plenty of soap residue inside, so a reasonable size squeeze (around 1/12 of a botttle) might be sufficient.

Pro tip:

Hand Cleaning Gel makes a great stain remover for oily stains - just dab some on the fabric immediately after the stain occurs.