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Orders over $99 Ship Free + Free In-Store Pickup

FirePit+ (In-Store Pickup Only)


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Available for In-Store Pickup Only

Wood & Charcoal Burning Fire Pit

Enjoy the warmth, smell, crackle, and feel of a wood campfire, without any of the smoke. Our latest upgrade to the award-winning BioLite FirePit creates hyper-efficient flames with patented airflow technology and gives you a front-row seat to the magic thanks to the X-Ray mesh body. Lift the fuel rack and toss in charcoal to transform it from a fire pit to a portable hibachi-style grill, complete with included grill grate. Control the size of your flames manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth app.

  • Fuel: Burns firewood or charcoal
  • Upgraded body design radiates heat outward
  • Upgraded high-temp enamel coating for durability and easy cleaning
  • Upgraded 12,800 mAh battery for longer burn times
  • Burn time: 30hr on LOW, 14hr on MED, 7hr on HI
  • Dimensions: 27" x 13" x 15.8"
  • Weight: 19.8 lbs

*FirePit Carry Bag Sold Separately


Way Less Smoke
Get an efficient burn with way less smoke than a conventional fire pit

X-Ray Mesh
Enjoy the feeling of a 360-degree floating fire with the FirePit's X-Ray Mesh

Cook With Dual-Fuel
Burn charcoal or wood embers for a hibachi-style grilling experience

Bluetooth Integration
Control the flames or see battery status from the palm of your hand with the free iOS or Android app

  1. USB Rechargeable Powerpack
    12,800 mAh runs the fan for your fire for up to 30 hours on a single charge. Detach and recharge easily via USB.
  2. Air Jets Improve Combustion
    51 airjets inject the fire with oxygen along key locations. This creates a more uniform temperature and mixing of gases inside the fire which dramatically improves combustion.
  3. Folding Legs
    Makes portability a snap. Combined with the Carry Bag (sold separately), you're ready to go from the backyard to the beach in no time.
  4. Grill Grate
    Cook hibachi-style meals using the removeable grill grate. Fuel rack adjusts to accommodate two types of fuel - wood or charcoal.
  5. X-Ray Mesh
    Allows heat to radiate out with a 360° view: glowing embers at the bottom, the gasifying wood in the middle, and the flames coming out at the top.
  6. Bluetooth Integration
    You can control that fan intensity right from the FirePit's powerpack or from your hand with the free BioLite Energy App for Android and iOS.

Fan Low: 30 Hours
Fan Medium: 14 Hours
Fan High: 7 Hours

Firewood or charcoal

Legs Unfolded
27" w x 13" d x 15.8" h (68.6 x 33 x 40.1 cm)
Legs Folded
10.5" h (26.7 cm)

Fits 4 standard firewood logs

19.8 lbs (8.98 kg)


Micro USB

Compatible with iOS 10.0+ and Android 5+

Prop 65 Warning

Grill Grate
Fuel Rack
USB A to Micro USB Cord


  1. What is the difference between FirePit and FirePit+?
    FirePit+ is our newest model and features a larger internal battery (12,000 mAh), enlarged X-Ray Mesh to better radiate heat, and a new high-temp enamel coating on the outside for added durability.
  2. Do you have to use your phone and/or Bluetooth to control FirePit+?
    Nope, you can do everything manually via the button located on the side of the usb-rechargeable powerpack. The optional Bluetooth app allows you to control the airflow settings remotely, which comes in handy if you're perfectly bundled around the fire and don't want to get up – but more importantly, it offers precise feedback on how much runtime is left in the battery so you can be in complete control of your clean-burning experience.
  3. Does the FirePit+ create electricity?
    Nope. If you are asking this, chances are you're familiar with our CampStove or BaseCamp (if so, welcome back!). Those stoves feature a thermoelectric generator that produces electricity from the heat of the fire. The FirePit does not – and that's on purpose. The FirePit's design is to radiate heat outward, offering the rolling flames of a typical campfire. BaseCamp and CampStove are designed to concentrate flames and heat, making it ideal for thermoelectric conversion. If we put thermoelectrics in the FirePit, you'd get very little electricity relative to the size of the fire and it would cost upwards of $400-$600 – we didn't want to just do tech for tech's sake. The FirePit+ airflow pack detaches easily and with runtimes of up to 30 hours per charge, you can recharge easily at home or from a BioLite SolarPanel or powerbank in between use.
  4. How long can the airflow system run on a single charge?
    30 hours on LOW, 14 hours on MEDIUM, 7 hours on MAX. IMPORTANT - MAX doesn't mean biggest flames! If you want to have nice campfire feel with big flames, you actually want the system on the LOW setting: that allows the flames to extend and dance around. MAX setting intensifies the fire by increasing airflow and the effect is that the flames essentially collapse on themselves, creating a furnace-like effect. This is ideal for kickstarting an initial fire (see what we did there) or if you're in really chilly conditions and you're looking to radiate a lot of heat.
  5. What is the ideal size of flames for cooking with FirePit+?
    Low-to-moderate flame is ideal for cooking, giving you ideal control for both grilling and griddling. Larger flames may lick around your griddle or pans and present a hazard – we don't recommend it.
  6. How do I clean the FirePit+?
    The FirePit+ has a trap door at the bottom that you can use to clean out ash and coal (remember to dispose of those safely and have water nearby!). We recommend using a wide painters brush to get any fine ash out if you want a deeper clean. If you're grilling, you can clean the grate with a standard wire brush you use to clean with other grills.